DL Center For Advanced Research and Development

DL CARD (India) DL Center For Advanced Research and Development an ISO certified organization 

Courses Offered

Advance your career with our Industrial Certified Professional Courses

What we offer:

  • Jr. Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering (Join on Pedagog)
  • Jr. Diploma in Research Science
  • Jr. Diploma in Tools and Measurements
  • Jr. Diploma in Airport Planning and Airworthiness Law
  • Jr. Diploma in Air-hostesses and Ground Handling
  • Jr. Diploma in Life skills & Management
  • Jr. Diploma in Aviation Legislation
  • Professional Diploma in Research Science
  • Professional Diploma in Aviation Research
  • Professional Diploma in Software Design
  • Professional Diploma in Research Publication
  • Professional Diploma in Artificial Intelligence
  • Professional Diploma in Nutrition Science
  • Professional Diploma in Health Science
  • Professional Diploma in Vedic Research Science
  • Professional Certification in Digital Marketing
  • Professional Certification in Astrophysics
  • Professional Certification in Design Software
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Research
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing

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