Exatech The Infrastructure Providers In Kerala For Online Exam Systems

EXATECH is a Trivandrum-based provider of entire IT infrastructure. Our online exam system has shown its reliability and quality by serving both top-tier educational institutions and corporations. The online examination system from  Exatech is completely customisable to meet your needs. Being one of the best infrastructure providers in Kerala  Exatech has a thorough and unrivalled awareness of regional infrastructure and internet connectivity challenges, it has also successfully proved adherence to the security requirements required for high-stakes exams in Kerala. Exatech has partnered with a number of centers across the country that have cutting-edge infrastructure and the capacity to handle huge numbers of online assessments. We wants to expand such facilities in the coming years to fulfil the growing demand in capabilities. Our infrastructure, which includes 300 networked desktops and an internet connection, can accommodate 1120 candidates every day in four shifts. We had conducted a number of recruitment/entrance exams for governments, public sector units, and educational institutions, and is well-versed in the implications of accountability. Exatech has conducted  380 above online exams. Our major clients are TCS, HCL, APTECH, NSEIT, YAMAHA. We also provide the framework for computer-based tests (CBT), digital training centres, government and non-government activities, global gatherings, digital conferences, and trainings, among other things. We also keep our labour services up to date by incorporating technical manpower. Our team believes that hard work leads to success. Our dedicated and committed human efforts and technology is always ready to deliver the proper solutions when needed.

Exam Security Provided By The Best Infrastructure Providers  In Kerala Exatech

The importance of security of Online exams is recognised by Exatech. We provide an intranet/web based comprehensive online Test programme with capabilities that fulfil the requirements of a wide range of test conditions. Candidates take the exam online. Simultaneous tests were carried out at a number of locations. Power backup support is one of the most important features for performing tests. Several components of the examination infrastructure rely on uninterrupted power. We ensure that examinations go on as planned and are never disrupted with our power backup solution.


Professional and Consistent Infrastructure Providers In Kerala

We have many verified testing nodes all throughout India at various locations as a proven exam conducting agency.We make an effort to understand our employees' requirements and treat them as equal partners in their development and success. Our success is measured by the number of satisfied customers. To make sure that happens, we give it our all at every turn, tailoring solutions to the client's specific requirements.